Crossroads for Women offers residential programs beyond our emergency shelter at our Transition House. These residential programs offer a supportive housing option that is both safe and secure. All programs are for women who are fleeing domestic violence, with one housing option that is specifically for survivors who have struggles with their mental health and/or addictions.

These programs are connected with our Domestic Violence Outreach program who provide support and offer programming and sessions that are informative and educational for the residents they serve. Being paired with an Outreach worker and attending programming is a requirement for each of our residential programs.

Second stage

Second Stage is a 1 year supportive and affordable housing program available to women and children who are experiencing domestic violence.

Second Stage has an apartment building that contains 5, two-bedroom apartments and a duplex with 3 bedrooms each.

Second Stages’ top priorities are to create a safe environment for single women and families to work on creating and fostering independence for women leaving domestic violence. Women are paired with an Outreach Worker who helps support them in any way needed to help create their newfound independence.

Blossom House

Blossom House is a long-term housing option for survivors of domestic violence who have struggles with their mental health and/or addictions. This housing is for single women, no children. This program has access to a Domestic Violence Outreach worker for support services. Blossom House is a safe and secure building.

Affordable Housing

Crossroads for Women offers an Affordable Housing program with 28 units, two of which are 2-bedroom family units. This program is for domestic violence survivors who require a long-term housing solution.

This building is secure with staff on site for assistance. The staff on site include: Case Manager, Activities Coordinator, Domestic Violence Outreach workers, and our SESAC Manager. The building offers an expansive Community Room with access to laundry facilities, full access kitchen, and a comfortable TV and games area for lounging.


For more information, please contact:

Tammy Daigle
Associate Director & Second Stage Coordinator
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